Quality Policy

Singular Aircraft, S.L. was founded by Mr. Luis Carrillo Lostao with the aim of providing a remedy to pilots who constantly put their lives at risk in air operations.

In the beginning the focus was on the extinction of fires, but after the first designs and tests, the Singular Aircraft team saw the great possibilities they could offer with an unmanned aircraft (currently working on Flyox I) in other fields of traditional aviation such as the transport of solid or liquid goods, surveillance or agricultural work.

At Singular Aircraft we face the future with optimism, encouraged by the results obtained, to continue working on the objective of converting unmanned aircraft (Flyox I) into the reference UAV in the Market.

An activity that Singular Aircraft considers to be in accordance with the quality required by the International Standard UNE-EN 9100:2018 is:


Design and production of unmanned aircraft (UAV).


The Policy Statement includes, as guidelines:

  1. Complying with the applicable requirements.
  2. Based on strategic lines defined in an analysis of the context, defining the objectives of the company as circulated to all levels of our structure.
  3. Implementing the quality indicators, as well as monitoring the level of progress of the same, in a way that enables us to know and guarantee the product and the desired level of quality and safety.
  4. Focusing on the research and development of our aircraft to achieve maximum security and versatility in terms of their applications and at a competitive price.
  5. Ensuring that working conditions are optimal by assessing the risks that may occur in the processes, eliminating them where possible, and reducing those evaluated.
  6. Developing ongoing training programs aimed at the best qualification of our workers, thus involving all staff in the achievement of all the objectives set out in this document.
  7. Implementing continuous improvement of the company’s management system.
  8. Promoting and achieving a motivating environment for all members of the company.

The Management makes this policy accessible and available to its customers, all employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The Policy is kept up-to-date through periodic reviews, coinciding with management revisions of the system, in order to take into account the changing context. In this sense, the Management provides all the necessary human and technical resources to achieve the objectives and goals that are established and scheduled on a regular basis.