Success in the Design Museum of Barcelona

The exhibition “Design for life” opened on February 19th in the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Design Museum of Barcelona) and it was a success. The exhibition, comprising 99 ingeniously and optimistically created inventions, intends to communicate the importance of design for finding solutions to everyday problems. Which is to say, showing design as a tool to cure, educate, protect and make the world more sustainable. For this reason, Singular Aircraft had to participate in this event, taking the SA-03, first prototype of the Flyox I, and the Ground Station to the exhibition.

Newspapers such as Abc, Ara, El País, El Punt, La Razón, La Vanguardia, and other media publications are reporting on the success of the Museu del Disseny, the SA-03 being shown on the front cover of numerous paper and digital media. We were also first in the ranking of the well-known leisure publication TimeOut, as one of the events not to be missed in Barcelona.

The seaplane is exhibited on the exterior lake of the museum, amazing the visitors and producing countless positive reactions when it is contemplated and its operation, together with the Ground Station located inside, is understood. Additionally, with the press articles and appearances in other media, we were able to communicate the history of this seaplane, closely related to the concept of “Design for Life” and its objective to improve people’s quality of life. The SA-03 was born after a terrible mortal accident of a friend of the owner of Singular Aircraft, Luis Carrillo, while he was working as a fire fighter, putting out a fire. Saving lives, prevention, eliminating hazards in dangerous jobs and solving operational problems are the raison d’être of Flyox I.

Last Tuesday 3rd March, Singular Aircraft participated in the conference given by representatives of some projects in the section “projects in the field of design to protect”, where our CEO, Miquel Colom, had the chance to explain the essence and features of the seaplane in more detail.

Design for Life encourages reflection on the role of design today. And Singular Aircraft will always be willing to participate in innovative initiatives, entrepreneurship, technology and social and humanitarian improvements. The Sky Worker will always work with and for society, improving their technology day by day.


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