UAVs vs. Goods Transport

Today we would like to mention an interesting article about the potential of UAVs for transporting goods.
Below are extracts of the most relevant data it contains;

• “…42% of logistics operators surveyed believe their business will utilize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for the distribution of cargo in future…”
This information supports the fact that Flyox I will be one of the principal alternatives for transport of goods in the near future.

• “….fuel prices identified as one of the most important perceived risks facing the logistics industry, combined with predicted strong growth in international freight volume…”

Some of the distinguishing attributes of Flyox I are its low operating cost (Around 220 h/h ), low purchase cost or the possibility of operating as a fleet. If we add to this the type of fuel it uses (95 octane), it means that the solution offered by Singular Aircraft results in savings of both direct and indirect costs for companies.

• “…UAVs will need to demonstrate to the market that in future they will truly be able to carry heavy payloads…”
Singular Aircraft, anticipating market needs, has designed Flyox I in its Cargo configuration as a platform able to transport up to 2050 kg .

The complete article can be read by clicking on this link;


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