Brazilian Army at Singular Aircraft.

On May 14th, taking advantage of the Brazilian frigate “Constitution” arrived at the port of Barcelona, ​​the captain, Lt. Col. Alezandre Pavoni, along with other senior officers, visited our factory in Cornella.

They were surprised to see the size of the Flyox I, and to further realize the capabilities and performances of this aircraft.

One of the great benefits that they emphasized was the possibility and potentialof landing on any surface (especially water), seeing clear applications to the Amazon Blue project, currently being developed in Brazil.

Based on the facts, and the payload (1850kg), along with the endurance (+ 50h), are facts that did not go unnoticed, illustrating the great versatility of Flyox I.

Singular Aircraft extend their thanks of this important visit, not only for what it represents, but pleased to hear that their assessments of the Flyox I is one of a real, practical and affordable solution to a variety activities, both for civilian and military applications.


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