UAS range working to sign Flyox


PENDLETON, Oregon – Talks are progressing with Singular Aircraft of Spain to test its Flyox drone at the unmanned aircraft system test range. Manager Darryl Abling says that if Pendleton lands the contract, it will mean a long-term commitment on behalf of Singular.

“They’re looking to break into the U.S. market, so they need to go for a certification which is a three to five-year flight test program to achieve an FAA-type certification to market that aircraft here,” Abling said.

Eastern Oregon is a great place to test the Flyox, which is designed to drop water on wildfires.

“It’s a twin-engine, 8,800-pound aircraft that can carry 4,000 pounds of water designed to be dropped on forest fires,” Abling said. “We expect to test that aircraft here at Pendleton.”

Singular bills the Flyox as the most unique and low-cost UAV in the world. It’s the biggest amphibious unmanned aircraft system. It can be assembled in less than four hours and burns regular 95-octane fuel. The UAS is configured for both daytime and nighttime operations, and can take off and land on any surface. Singular is flying the Flyox in Spain, and says it can also be used for agricultural work, transporting goods, and performing border surveillance and rescue work.