Andoya NATO base and Space Center first tests

Singular Aircraft is currently testing the Flyox I in Andoya NATO base in Andenes, Norway well into the polar circle.

The platform is 4.000 kg maximum takeoff weight and this was a preliminary flight for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

We covered 440 km of ground track over a very wide area, performing a Beyond Line Of Sight fully automatic flight including autonomous takeoff & landing.

Over this test we demonstrated several operation capabilities of this plane.

The FlyOx I has a payload capability of more than 1.500Kg with a range of 600Nm ( 1.100Km) for the firefighting, transport and sprayer configuration and more than 24 Hrs endurance for the surveillance configuration.

We would like to thank the full team and also Andoya Space Center for their help in this achievement.