Saving more

than 90% of aerial resources





  • Cost savings.
  • Absolute adaptation to the environment.
  • Ability to launch 2.050 liters of water or fire retardant.
  • Ability to discharge every 2 minutes, working on fleet.


of caused


  • Effectiveness, operating both day and night.
  • Generates greater security to the population in terms of prevention and intervention at the time of a crisis.


of personal


  • Every year, about a hundred firefighters die. The 57,42% of cases, death due to inhalation of fumes. FlyoxI wants to end these statistics with forest monitoring, early detection and fire-fighting.

Fully adaptable to current requirements.

Depending on the radars, sensors or cameras that are fitted on board, different assistance methods and strategies with forest brigades can be developed in surveillance mode, or different types of monitoring can be carried out..

Generating confidence in the population through early detection.

With the potential to work on prevention and safety missions, and notable for its long range (60 flight hours) which allows an entire area to be controlled at a very reasonable cost and is unique on the market.