Flyox sin fondo MAS numeros

Pilot training


PTM portada


Singular Aircraft wants to provide its customers with the company’s new offering;  the Pilot Training Model (Flyox I/VI PTM).

This model, a scale of 1/6 of the original Flyox I, is an enhancement to the “Big Brother”, making test flights easier without compromising the main Flyox I

In order to ensure that pilot training can be maximized, the PTM has been designed as the test model for pilots to conduct test flights and to familiarize the pilots prior to proceeding to fly the Flyox I.


To recreate as accurately behavior and piloting Flyox I, The Flyox PTM is designed taking into account the following parameters:

  • The flight with the PTM shares the same Ground Station which is used to control Flyox I.
  • The stability and control performances of the Flyox PTM are the same as  Flyox I.
  • The power / weight ratio are exactly the the same.
  • The control gains are the same inorder that the pilot experiences exactly the same performances as in the Flyox I.


The Flyox PTM offers the following advantages:

  • Be able to assess the ability of the pilots to prior to flying the Flyox I.
  • Great training  for new pilots.
  • Schedule and execute the same programed flight that the client will do later with the Flyox I.