Flying forward aerial efficiency

with flyox


We manage all aspects of our operations with complete financial & technological independence.


That allows us to quickly adapt our processes to market changes.


Committed to continuous improvement and technological advancement.


Always optimizing our resources and processes.

Our multirole Unmanned Aerial Solutions aims to enhance safety and enlarge possibilities of operations globally.

The complete process from design to manufacturing including development and testing is performed in house and optimized to nimbly fit market needs.

In our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, our team of experts prioritizes continuous improvement and technological advancements to oversee every aspect of our operations, from design to validation.


From concept to detail, including CFD and finite element simulations, with the aim of providing versatile solutions tailored to meet client needs.


We manage all processes in-house, showcasing autonomy, agility, expertise, and efficiency. Our streamlined process ensures effective and economical solutions.


Rigorous evaluation to guarantee safety and efficiency.


Adhering to design and production standards (DO-178C and DO-254), we closely collaborate with national authorities to achieve Military STANAG 4671/CS23 certification, while also awaiting EASA approval for Sora 2.5 to apply for a SAIL IV.


A pioneer solution

Operational Safety

Twin-engine unmanned aerial systems reduce the risk for pilots by performing operations in hazardous environments. They allow real-time data acquisition and quick, controllable payload release.


Payload capacity of up to 1,500 kg to operate autonomously up to 25h, enhancing efficiency in various tasks.

Easy Deployment

The quick assembly and easy transport enable unmanned aerial systems to be adaptable to a wide range of applications.


Its ability to take off and land from both paved and unpaved runways, day and night, makes them versatile for a variety of environments and conditions.

Flyox I

The sky worker

The Flyox 1 is a unique and innovative multirole Unmanned Aerial System platform that redefines the capabilities and enhance operations.

Flyox I

Redefining multipurpose aerial operations


From prevention to monitoring with large water/retardant drop capacity for an effective initial attack and situational awareness at both night and day time.


 1500kg payload capacity and Air drop capability to deliver critical supplies (solid or liquid) to hard to reach areas and support humanitarian aid or troops in the ground.

Search and Rescue

Comprehensive SAR solution (EO/IR, SAR, Cellular detection) with cutting edge technology for data relay , and first aid supply (eg. Liferaft dropping)


Effective ISR and ASW solution to ensure continuous coverage including sonobuoys drop and process capabilties enhanced with mission suite integration

Flyox I


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